Synology surveillance: When cam is on, send snapshot every 30 mins

I have a camera connected to surveillance station to watch the dog when there is no one home.
The camera is only powered when we are away, toggled with an INNR smart plug.
I would like to set up a flow that does something like this:

  • when camera is on (that can be checked by either the INNR or Surveillance station app)
  • at each whole and half hour: make snapshot and send it.

What would be the best way to do the “each whole and half hour” part? Do I need to create a counter variable for it? Or is there an easier way that I do not see yet?

WHEN every 30 minutes AND cam is on THEN send pic


Jeez, that simple :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me on the correct path! I find that I still am having difficulties on determining what should be the WHEN part, as I tend to think of it as IF. But it is a trigger, so your example is very clear in hindsight :slight_smile: