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Help needed with creating flow

I would like to make a flow that only activates our securitycam while we are away from home or sleeping.
The camera is plugged in a Innr SP120 smartplug.
So far I can’t seem to find a reliable trigger that activates both while sleeping or away.
Maybee the smart schedule from Tado or the Heimdall app could help, but I can’t figure it out,
Could someone please help me with this flow?

Did you set-up a good working home-away flow, and also a sleeping flow? thats the first ting i would look at.

And to be onest, that would be the first thing every one should do in my opion. to many times its goes wrong with that. So make sure that part is working as it should…. and then start to create flows with the use of home,away,sleep,sex :thinking: status