Synology Survaillance app after update to v2.0.0 makes NAS unreachable

I updated this app to latest version and since then my synology nas becomes unreachable by DSM

When i log into the nas using ssh there are hunderds of processes running such as:

When i do a netstat i see that all connections are made from homey to the nas.

Disabling the app does not fix the problem, only disabling and REBOOT of homey fixes it.
The app is offline and makes no connection anymore, the process list of the nas does not report /usr/syno/synoman/webapi/auth.cgi anymore and DSM is working again.

As soon as enable the app again the problems start again…

Is there a way to fix this?

I had a simular problem with this app in one of the first releases.

I am running Homey 1.5.3

Hi, I encountered the same issue… first it slows down the NAS response, and then it is not responding to requests at all. For me just uninstalling the app was enough to get to the NAS again.