Synology Shelly homey

dear all I have a question, who has more than 50 shelly’s and who works with a synology router / synology mesh system? And homey

Why are you asking

because I am experiencing problems with my shelly, s with multicasting and setting up Coap
some shelly, s do not feed back properly, and now I want to know if I am doing something wrong in my network especially in composition with synology router I want to rule out things to look further

Are your problems with wired or battery powered devices. Apparently there are some problems with battery powered devices such as Door Window Sensor 2. The shelly developer on here commented about it and suggested that shelly are updating firmware to remedy. My Door/Window Sensor 2 does not report open/closed status to Homey at all after initial pairing which is over http, problem seems to be with COAP

The wired devices