Switch off Android Tablet

Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to switch off an android tablet via a flow?
In my kitchen I use a tablet to watch tv and it would be nice to switch it off (just the screen would be ok) if we leave the house or go to bed.

That should be possible with the Dashboard Controller app in combination with Fully browser on the tablet.

Yep, that is possible with fully browser.
But if I remember right, a license for fully browser is needed for remote control via the Homey app.

I had an old automation app running with integrated webserver, so a http call from Homey could be used to trigger this app. But it’s not longer available. I can’t say if other apps like Automate can be remote controlled via http. So fully browser is the easiest way with a seamless Homey integration.

Ah okay. It’s another €11,- for a licence then :grimacing:

For all who are interested:
You can use/test the fully browser with the dashboard app as trial with watermark without costs.
The license costs 7.90€+VAT. Then all features are available without watermark.

The app Macrodroid is also working. If you send a webhook to the tablet the screen can be turned off.
So if you can send the webhook with Homey it should be no problem.
Just tested is with my S7+and Android phone.

Start the macro wizard, Connectivity, Webhook (url), enter a name at Identifier, copy the url, OK.
Go to Actions, Screen, Screen on/off, screen off, ok, ok
Save the macro.

If you now paste the url at a browser and press enter the screen turns of.
Don’t know if this also works with the free version of Macrodroid.

Thanks all for the help.
Bought Macrodroid and I call the url-trigger from a logic-card. Works like a charm!

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