Swimming pool thermometer - 433 MHz


I’m trying to get the DS18D Sensor to my binary sensor. Now I have the problem, that the temp is always 0°C???

Has anyone a suggestion?


Did you double check if the wires are connected correctly and/or making good contact with the connector?
It can also be a faulty connector, but that is not easy to find out.

Hi, I am new to this forum. Found this this thread when searching for the same thing as you.
I solved the pool temperature in Homey like this.
A Sensative Comfort strip, packed in a vacuum sealed bag (for extra protection) and a styrofoam ball as floating force. In the bottom of the bag I put a couple of screw washers for better balance. A bit prototype looking, but works fine. https://sensative.com/sensors/strips-zwave/comfort/

I ended up using this sensor, supported by Homey: https://shop.bsg-smarthome.de/BleBox-tempSensor-Temperatursensor-lWiFi

I just extended the cable with the probe. Works like a charm.

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