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This app adds support for Swiid devices in Homey.

Supported devices

  • SW-ZCS-1, SwiidInter Cord Switch

Supported Languages:

  • English

Change Log:


  • First version supporting SwiidInter cord switch

Works for some days then it freeze. In frozen mode it makes the zwave system go crazy and other devices stop working. To make it stop you have to take the cord out and in again. I have 4 of this and all keeps doing the same.

Hi Robert,

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been running the app for months now and have never had any glitches.
Are you able to supply me with some debug logs when this is happening? Would be interesting to see if it shows any erratic behaviour.

It’s a simple app, all Z-Wave communication is relying on the mesh driver. I will upgrade this from 1.2.23 to 1.2.28 to see if that improves the stability. Expect an update in a few days, I would love to hear if this helps.


Thanks for the replay. Logs says nothing. Your script seems to work just fine. Update didnt do it. I had the same problem with my Fibaro HC2. Conntacted the maker of Swiid and they blamed Fibaro. I send them a new e-mail today and now waiting for next excues.

Thanks for doing this script!

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