Smart Cord Switch

I have 3 pcs of Swiid Cord Switch but unfortunately, they are not z-wave plus so I will not use them.
I have been searching for alternatives and found Frient Smart Cable only problem is that it is huge.

Is there anybody who have some ideas what could be a good alternative to the Swiid Cord Switch?

What is the problem with Z-Wave instead of Z-Wave plus for you?

Since I use it on a rather large area covering 4 buildings (soon to be 5) with about 150 units in total at the moment (but slowly growing ) I need both the extended bandwidth and the extended range in z-wave plus.
Introducing a z-wave only will disrupt my network.

How many with Z-Wave?

Do you have any problems with these switches at the moment? E.g. disconnections?
And you think that by replacing the Z-Wave switches with Z-Wave Plus switches, a huge improvement in coverage will be realized?

Because why?

Because when I introduce none plus units everything that comes after will be limited by that device. I will lose bandwith and hop.
Since I can´t and don´t want (even if I could) to manage the structure of the z-wave mesh network manually this will disrupt the network.
Many times the none z-wave unit becomes the end of the line.

It is 150 z-wave plus units and 20 zigbee.

And yes, I have replaced all the none plus devices a long time ago and it made a huge diffrence.
The smart cord switch is the last, and least important.

You could perhaps create a second ZWave network just for these devices (if you have a second controller somewhere) and maybe use zwave2mqtt to get the Swiid devices into Homey…

I have done that before but it adds complexity which I want to avoid.

A few years ago, I decided try out the Zipabox from Zipato, so I bought a new Zipabox 2 and an used Zipabox 1 and created a cluster with 2 networks.
I left Zipabox and went for Fibaro HC3 because of the horrendous customer support from Zipato and the lack of implementation of new devices.

However, let´s just say I don´t want to go down that route again.

Then I left Fibaro HC3 and went for Homey Pro because I needed the integration with my electric supplier Tibber.

Well it seems you don’t want to work around the issue so you’re back in search of a size equivalent ZWave plus commercial product. Maybe there is one…

PS I too have discovered the truly awful Zipato support

A don’t like workarounds because they tends to come back and bite you in the ass sooner or later. :smiley:

I want my z-wave to be just as stable as my Jablotron alarm system and I am willing to spend the money to get there.

It is a pity about Zipato, a master class example how a buggy software and an awful customer support can kill a brilliant hardware solution.

Does Jablotron integrate nicely with Homey?

Unfortunately, not. At the moment I use Heatit Z-DIN 616 to transfer signals between the systems.
However, on GitHub there are some code that I think could be investigated and used to create an App for Homey.
See here: GitHub - kukulich/home-assistant-jablotron100: Home Assistant custom component for JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system

Maybe the housing is big anaugh for a in-wall module to replace the current electronics?

Sounds like a work around :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you not use ZWave bulbs in your 3 fittings and forgo floor switch control?

Unfortunately not.
This is the old cord switch.