Sunrise "WHEN" card is faulty

Hi. The cards “The sun rises in x minutes” and “The sun sets in x minutes” creates a weird fault code when I try to save the flow.
Immediatly after removing the sunset/sunrise card, the flow is possible to save without errors.

Any ideas or suggestions for me?


1st of all report it to, please.

2nd, tz means TimeZone if I’m right.
What you could try is the following, it resets the time and timezone settings:

  1. go to Settings / Location
  2. move the map, to have the pointer somewhere in another timezone. Location is saved automatically
  3. after a minute or so, move the card again, and put the pointer at Homey’s current location

Maybe try a different value from 0.

Made a flow with the Sunrise and Sunset Cards, no issue with the saving option. There is going on something else with your Homey. I tried on a HP23. I do not know what you have. You should mention it.

Edit: Top right is ment to be “Turn all lights ON”. It is a typo.

I did a qualified guess that you are on a HP23, since my HP19 do not support “0 minutes”