Sunricher led driver app

I just created a sunricher led driver app if anyone wants to try it out. I only have the SRP-ZV9105-75CC driver so have only tested that but if you have other please do let me know and I can see if I can add support for them as well.

App: Sunricher App for Homey | Homey
Testing: Test version of Sunricher App for Homey | Homey
GitHub: GitHub - mickem/name.medin.sunricher: Homey app for sunricher z-wave devices


Hi Michael,

I don’t have the SRP-ZV9105-75CC, yet.
Q: is there any feature in the app or in SRP-ZV9105-75CC to give an maximum output of 24 volts?

As I understand it it is a constant current driver so the theoretical maximum voltage is higher but in reality it is a 12 volt driver…
If I measure the voltage I get between 8 (lowest current setting) and 10 (highest current setting) volts… But my volt meter can most likely not measure the high frequency output of the driver.
As I have it connected to a 5 meter 72W led strip if I limit the current I get a much less bright light.

So to make a long answer short: no, I dont think so…

Can’t you merge it with the Robbsmart app? Same product, just another branding.

Interesting, what is robbsmart looks like a store which also has branded some sunricher products?

So the big question is: if someone buys a sunricher device how would they know that they should install the robbsmart app?
I think until homey adds the ability to discover apps based on devices I would argue the community is better served with two apps one for each branding. For instance a Swedish manufacturer had two brandings and one app for both: there was a lot of bad comments on the half of the devices saying they lacked support in Homey just as people did not understand which app to install as it had the wrong name…

Could someone from athom maybe shed some light on this topic?
Arguably a zwave/zigbee “app” is really a configuration file and some branding, so should not really be a need for apps at all…

// Michael Medin

I think even the manufacter id is the same. So only robbsmart is printed on the outside. I asked robbsmart and they said the sunricher devices without their logo schould work with their app.

Maybe Ted Tolboom can shed some light?

Sunricher is a white label device manufacturer that indicated to not want to do the reselling of their devices in Europe themselves.

Therefore you see multiple shops selling the Z-wave / Zigbee devices manufactured by Sunricher under their own brand. At first based on the Sunricher ID’s, at a later moment in time based on their own ID’s / branding / printing etc. Which is also the background of the ROBBsmarrt app.

The main question remains, will a sunricher device non branded robbsmart work with the robbsmart app? I need the rgbw led zwave device and robbsmart told me it will not be in stock for a long time.

@TedTolboom do you know what athoms position is on multi-branded devices?

A good example is klickandklick or whatever the “433” of netherlands is called. I think for consumers it is all pretty confusing… :confused:

I have multiple times written apps for devices which exists in other apps just as I did not understand that app with name X was also for device Y…
So in my case I would never even have though “ahh, lets install the robbsmart app for my sunricher device”…

Ultimately I think a generic “z wave” app could replace most apps as it is really a config files grabbed from zwave alliance in a different form :frowning:

@Rwin as for your question the only thing which matters is the manufacturer and device id as long as they are the same the application will work…
So if this manufacturer/device id is already in the roobsmart app this apps is completely pointless if you already have robbsmart :slight_smile:

// Michael Medin

I would love it! :heart_eyes:

That, simply using the Z-wave alliance data, would only work for the basic devices.
But for many devices, the parameters and driver logic would need to be tailored to the device characteristics.

No, I am not aware of a formal / documented statement.

But if you search the App Store, there are already 5 apps providing support for the same devices…

Thank you Michel for the App. he works great. i bought led driver SRP-ZV9105-12-50CV from
Only the energy consumption is always the minimum 1.5W and maximum 61W consumption I have entered. But if the LED strip lights up, the energy consumption remains 1.5W.
Can you tell me if the driver can measure energy by itself? so I don’t have to enter mini / max values.

Hello Michael, will this driver also work with other variants of the LED driver, e.g.


As far as I know all sunricher led drivers use the same id so if not please do let me know (i have some different ones)…

Hi I have some Z vawe controller SR-ZV9103FA-RGBW and SR-ZV9003T¤-RGBW-EU can any one help me, I cant find out if those can work with any Gateway I have both Vera Edge and Homey but can see that they support those.Thankful for any help.

Hi! Will there be added support for Zigbee devices? I have a Sunricher ZG9101SAC-HP in-wall Zigbee dimmer that only detects as a generic Zigbee device, so I can turn it on and off but not dim it.

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hi, thanks for a great app. I worked wonderfully in my old homey. Now I’ve migrated to a homey pro early23, and they have been orphaned. Do you have any plans on porting the app?

I have actually just migrated myself so I expect a new version in the next week or so…

Try the robbshop app.
Robbshop dimmers are rebranded sunricher devices

New app has been submitted for verification and test version published which adds support for homey pro 2023

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