hi, is there any information about inverters by manufacturer sungrow?


I am also interested in having an option to connect my Sungrow inverter. There seem to be Modbus-projects at GitHub, but it likely would be easier to have an connection to the iSolar CloudWebservice.


German thread


In addition:

There is a user, who analyzed the Sungrow API instead of connecting to the Modus:

He builded an implementation to access the Sungrow API

and made a plugin for HomeAssistant:

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I have also a Sungrow inverter and I use Home Assistant to read data from iSolarCloud. It would be great if this could be done in Homey.

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I would love to have a isolar/sungrow integration for homey and would be willing to donate/pay for an integration

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+1 here!

MickMake/GoSungrow: GoLang implementation to access the iSolarCloud API updated by SunGrow inverters. ( gives access to Sungrow data via MQTT. I had MQTT installed on Homey already anyway. Just make sure you change the gateway in the config to the EU gateway (if you have EU Account): ./bin/GoSungrow config write --host=

I’m still trying to figure out how I use the energy data though :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve just switched to evcc. Very easy to use. Install it on Raspberry and active MQTT. then on Homey I’ve created virtual devices that are updated via MQTT every 30s. To use it with Sungrow make sure you connect the LAN port behind the Wifi dongle to your LAN as well.

I think you can use EVCC only if you also have Wallboxes. Which I have installed. EVCC supports pretty much every solar converter. so maybe an option for others as well.