Suggestion for variables


I currently use the website to manage my flows.
Since most of my flows rely heavily on variables I often have to go back to the mobile app to create and manage my variables. It would be great if I could manage these variables through the web interface.

Kind regards.

Make sure to issue a feature request here:

Athom doesn’t officially follow this forum, and this is something that only Athom can implement.

I use Better Logic. As that’s an app u can manage the Better Logic variables with the developer website.

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thanks for the feedback robert. perhaps i will make the suggestion that they follow the official suggestions forum :wink:

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hi roco. i understand that this is a solution to the issue im facing. but the suggestion here is to improve on features officially included in the app.

I know m8! But was just giving a suggestion for the time u are gonna wait for Athom to support this (if they ever) and so u can use it as a “workaround “.

haha. thanks for the feedback. im new on the forums here but its already becoming quite clear that the community here is filling the blanks that athom left :wink:

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You could also use the flows to manage your variables, using the web UI.