Better management of variables

Hi all,

Homey is great but I have the feeling that variables are not correctly managed by Homey … :frowning:

For exemple, is there a way to do tho with Homey and variables :

  • Change the position of each variable (up / down)
  • Create folders to classify variables (like Weather, Alarm, Doors …)
  • For each variable, get the list of all flows that are using the variable
  • When changing the name of a variable, let Homey automaticcaly update the variable’s name in the flows that are using this variable
  • etc …

Thanks a lot to everybody who’ll be able to help me :slight_smile:

In general, the Homey WebApp is still in beta phase. Bugs and suggestions can be reported to Athom.

1 - Feature request (

No, but:
2 - in the overview in the smartphone app (More → Logic) the variables are sorted alphabetically, probably also numerically.
3 - maybe it helps to use an own system, e.g. B_ for boolean, N_ for numeric and S_ for variables with strings, or the name of the room, or something similar…
4 - there is a search function.
5 - please see point 1.

No, but:
6 - please see point 1 and 3.

Yes, via homey script. Thx to @RonnyW!

7 - Unfortunately, the name of the variables are only partially automatically updated. Variables inserted via tags are automatically updated. Variables inserted via dropdown are not automatically updated. You have to update them manually in the flows.
Maybe it can be done via a homey script, but I don’t know.
8 - please see point 1.

9 - Yes and no… :wink:

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Oky, thanks for this information :slight_smile:

Seems like the variable name problem is still not solved. We really need to be careful when choosing variable names, since it gets very messy if a name is changed. We could say it’s nice that the flows still work after the rename, but I would really love an update where I got a mark or error sign on the flows using an old variable name. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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