Apps HomeScript, Betterlogic, manage values

Hello, a question for the experts here.

I use the “setTagValue” command in a HomeyScript to store values ​​from an Http JSON query. This works very well, the script shows no errors, the values ​​are plausible.

Now two questions:

  1. I want to use multiple HomeyScript tag variables in one flow. When selecting variables with “BetterLogic”, only 3 of 8 variables are displayed for selection. The script shows no errors.
    I run the script several times with the hope, that there was a synchronization problem between the HomeyScript app and the Homey runtime environment and that this would solve the problem. That didn’t help. But restarting the HomeyScript app solved the problem! Only that cannot be the right way.
  • How can you force synchronization of the variables?
  1. Management of HomeScript variables: Where can you manage the variables generated by a HomeyScript (change names, delete variables, etc.)?
  • I only see the tag variables in the selection in the flow editor.
  • Is there a tool in the homey world that can help here?
  • Or is there possibly a “central variable management” for all variables that are created and used in the Homey, which would be really great?

Thanks for ideas. :slightly_smiling_face: