Strange RF (433MHz Brel) issue with HP2023

I have 2 sets (ground floor and upper floor) of 5 window blinds, using Brel 433MHz technology.
Each set consists of 5 blinds that can be operated either individually, or all at once, with the Brel remote.
Because I always operate them all at the same time, I added them as 1 Brel 433MHz device in Homey (1 device for ground floor, 1 device for upper floor).

Normal operation
The past 4 years on my HP2019, this worked entirely flawless with the Brel Motors app. The Brel remote also operates them flawless. I do not use a hub.

HP2023 operation
On my HP2023, which I use for a couple of weeks now, it does not work reliable. Sometimes all blinds are opened or closed, but in approx. 50% of the time it will not operate 1 of the 5 blinds of each group. So the problem exists on both my ground floor as well as the upper floor device in Homey. Both on ground floor as well as upper floor, it is always the same blind that does not get opened or closed. I use the Brel App (the one that is made for HP2023/sdk3) and do not use the hub.

Is the 433MHz signal on HP2023 known to be less strong than on the HP2019? Is there a way to tweak the signal? Any other people with similar issues?

I use my Brel screens with a Brel hub DD 7002. With HP2023 in combination with this app: Brel App voor Homey | Homey it works good. I had some issues with the range, but after the installation of the repater DD 1557, it all works together fine.
Do you use a hub or do you use this app: Brel Motors App voor Homey | Homey? This one is not compatible with HP2023.

Ah, I forgot to mention indeed:

  • On HP2019 I used the Brel motors app
  • On HP2023 I use the Brel App (as the old one indeed does not work)

I do not use a Hub. Both HP2019 as well as the separate Brel remote do not have any range issues and work flawless. HP 2023 just works ok at about 50% of the time.

Edit: where do you plugin the repeater?

The App I mentioned does only work in combination with the Hub. The repeater requires a Hub also. It extends the range of the Hub. The repeater has a USB-A connector. As far as I know there is no App for the HP 2023 that works without the Hub.

No that’s not correct. The Brel app for HP2023 does support 433MHz (1-directional) devices without the hub. Only thing is, it sometimes does not operate one of the blinds (and at other moments, it does).

The Pro 23 antenna’s are positioned at the bottom. Try to move Homey around a bit to find the best central spot. Putting Homey on it’s side also may have a positive impact on the signal.

Also report your issues to Athom support pls, there’s several posts about the 433 signal being weaker instead of stronger on the Pro 23

Thanks Peter, I reported it to support. Homey is located rather centrally, but will try the sideways approach.

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Hi Jo San, strange the only app suitable for the HP2023 states in the description:

The app communicates with Brel-Home through the Brel-Home hub. This application cannot function without the hub.

Maybe this description needs an update?

I had the same with the 2019.

I have the impression that sending 5 commands at the same time cause a disruption in a signal.

My solution was to 1 second delay between 5 commands in a flow.


Screen 1 up
Delay 1 sec
Screen 2 up
Delay 1 sec

Etc etc

Not as cool as 5 at the same time … but worked for me

I programmed them as 1 device, so I believe it is just one signal.
It works 90% of the time in 1 try, but I adjusted my flows a bit so it works 100% now: after the first close action I wait for 10 seconds to set them to the “still” status, wait for another 10 seconds and then do the close action a second time.

Yes, that descriptions is not entirely correct. It is correct for bi-directional devices, they need a hub.

Oké, thanks for the reply. That explains it.