STeinel Z-Wave PIR sensor - false triggering

Hi There,
Recently I bougt a Steinel IS 140-2 PIR sensor. The idea was to let it trigger my IP cam (Foscam). Making the flow and getting it to work was super easy. This PIR sensor should trigger on body heat & motion. The cam triggers only on motion witch resultet in the recording of leaves moving in the wind. PIR should solve this problem and only trigger on body heat (People & Animals).

Why is my sensor still triggerd false? I Tried adjusting the sensitivity (now on 20%). It triggers much less but still when there are no people or such.

Q: Can it still be triggered by leaves or other lifeless objects?

Thanx and regards,


Are you able to post the used flows and a screenshot of your sensor settings. Maybe that can help us to figure out what is happening.

Hi Marcel… pleaase see image attached