Starting flows from Bixby Routines

Hello there :wave:

I am currently busy with creating an automation to set me and my girlfriend to sleep in homey.
This is something I want to do automatically, With the use of the status of our phones. I have a iPhone and in this case they are better :sweat_smile:, my girlfriend has an Samsung phone. on my phone I already succeeded using Apple Commands. Now I want to do the same thing with her phone.

But my problem is, I can only start apps with Bixby Routines, and not flows. do you guys know how I can fix this?

I do it by switching our phones into flight mode or switch off Wifi and use the Smart presents app. Because during night I don’t have to be connected to the Wifi.

That’s an idea, but I already am using the smart pretend app for the home/away function because that didn’t work anymore on the phone of my girlfriend after an update…