Start flow every hour xx:01

Is there an easy way to start a flow every hour at xx:01?

I’m doing this by making 24 start entries, but that’s a bit messy. Is there any app that might help me?

WHEN every hour, THEN …. Delay 1minute

it’s a good thing to tell if you have homey cloud or pro. The “every hour” flow card is not available on cloud. The only option to start something every hour i have found is to use the tibber app if you are a tibber customer :smiley:

You can perhaps use a countdown or timer app also, and create a timer for 1 hour, and run it every time, calculating the amount of minutes left till the next xx:01.

I use Tibber, but how can i do this? Some hours got the same prize on the power, so then the flow won’t check my cars SOC to see if I have reached my wanted SOC.

I don’t think there are two hours with the exact same price in a row very often? Maybe the tibber “price changed” trigger will trig every hour even if its the same price? Looks like its working here at least, but homey cloud is a little bit unstable