SSH experiment - authentication failed

In the help article for SSH experiment there is no mention of what user name and password to use for logging in.

I then assumed it should be the normal Homey login, but I am not able to log in (I’m using Tera Term), authentication fails. Anyone else had the same, and if so, how did you fix it?

The username (homey) is shown when you enable the experiment. It’s also shown in the “Copying your SSH Key” part of the help article.

There isn’t a password set, the first time you log in you’re asked to set one.

Ah. I had enabled the experiment a long time ago, I just hadn’t tried it yet. And I had of course forgotten about that popup box when I enabled it.

As you correctly point out it is actually mentioned in the last section of the linked article, I somehow missed that. In my defence, I think perhaps it would have been a good idea that they mentioned this more explicitly at the top of the article.

Thanks for showing me the error in my ways. :blush: