Homey cannot login into ARLO

Hello. I want login into the ARLO App within Homey, but Homey says: "Please use a valid email address. Be sure to include the “@” and the domain (e.g., @gmail.com).

The problem is, that I use both (E-Mail and Password) in a correct manner. The typing is correct! I have tried it carefully many times!

What to do???

Thank you!

I don’t have any Arlo devices, but I installed the app and cannot reproduce the issue (I only get a message “The username or password is incorrect”).

Can you post a screenshot? And what type of device are you trying to add?

Here we go. This is the other Message beside the first mentioned one.

The problem accured already with trying immigrating / activating the Arlo-Homey-App. Therefore there are no devices in the game at all so far.

Homey does not accept the Arlo-Login


Gesendet mit der Telekom Mail App

— Original-Nachricht —

“disable two-step verification”

Seems pretty self-explanatory?

yes, but there is no two step login…

That status-text is not worth its letters!

The status text is sent by the Arlo server, at least I assume so. Perhaps @Jamie can help out?

Ok, thanks. But do you know how I can get in contact with her/him? I am new here and therefore I am just at the beginning to fight my battle with homey.

Are you working for homey or how it comes that you have such a motivation and knowledge to give me advises? Anyway: Thanks a lot!!

By mentioning him like I did he’ll hopefully pick it up. And no, I don’t work for Homey, I’m just a nice guy :wink:

2 factor login once enabled can not be disabled.

You can see if it is enabled from the offical arlo app : head to your profile -> login settings ->

Wow!! Tank you Robert and Jamie!!! I was now able to connect with the base station. But it says, that there are no new cameras found (when I also want connect my Arlo Pro 2 cameras). Is this normal?

What cameras exactly do you have? Can you link to a picture of it?

F…ck. Only Arlo Pro, not Pro2 ?! No way to connect???

I can’t find this in my Arlo app :frowning: