Sound trigger app

Is there any app that uses Homeys microphone to record when a sound triggers it? Would be good to aktivate when I leave home to hear if the dog barks or a burglar makes any noise.


Try to teach the dogs to bark “Ok, Homey!”

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Not the cheapest option, but it seems like the Netatmo weather station also has sound level measurement (SPL meter). Not sure though if Homey reports that as a capability that you can act on.

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Netatmo does support it, and is shown in Homey, but it is only updated every 5 minutes, so not very useful for burglar triggering.
As for Homey’s microphone, apps don’t have access to the microphone itself (privacy reasons of course), only the part after “ok, Homey” which has also been parsed before apps can reach it, so not a viable option.

Have yet to see a good sound sensor that is supported (easily), aeotec showed 1 a few years ago already, but that has yet to be released.

Want to listen also. Treid wyze camera but sound is so bad and triggers even if there is no sound

Without Homey, and with 2 Android phones, this is a possible solution: How to use an old Android phone as a baby-monitor -