Make my dumb "gong" smart

I have a Nest Hello and quite happy with the basic features within the Nest App. Due to the “works with nest” misery now some month ago, i was unhappy that my Homey did not had contact anymore with all of my Nest stuf (Hello, Thermostat, 2x Camera, 4x Fire / Smoke detector). At the moment i still have a dumb “gong” bell that will sound if someone rings the Nest Hello doorbell. It is quite a standard bell with two sound plates and a coil that bangs a piston to these sound plates.

I simply added a Xiaomi Aqara Vibration sensor to one of the sound plates. Now when the someone rings the door Homey will also know and I can start flows to automate stuff. At the moment not very fancy just testing if it never miss a ring. Later i will connect the Face++ App to my " future" Nuki (still waiting for a good deal somewhere)

here a some pics not fany but it works.


You also could have bought a KaKu acdb-7000b.

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Ohhh … Yep…

Would miss the satisfaction to try it the hard way.

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And ripped up a perfectly good gong :wink:

And no need for another app ( klikaanklikuit) in my allready memory stuffed Homey

Nice, very creative… i created mine using a Shelly1 and linking the doorbell as a switch. Shelly will notice when the switch has been pressed and will send an API call to Homey to fire the event.

I used the following blog as a reference:

Additional (useless?) feature is that i can now remotely ring my doorbell using the Shelly device in Homey