Can Homey be trained to listen to certain sounds - for example an alarm sound of a smoke detector or a "finished" sound from a dishwasher?

I was wondering, if there is an app, which can be trained to react on a certain sound - most important thing would bei a smoke detector. I am using one of EI Electronics (EI 605), they communicate by 868 MHz so if one is on alarm, all the others react to.
One possibility would be to get the 868 MhZ signal, the other would be to let Homey react to the alarm sound. Which one do you think would be favourable?
PS: I don´t want to change the smoke sensors, they are new, good (besides their bad connectivity).
PPS: I did not find something in the forum to that issue. Apologies if I messed something up (first post here).

Kind regards and thank you in adavance.

You can’t use Homey’s microphone,
You need to find some other device for that.

If the smoke sensors use 868Mhz you need to create an app to connect them to Homey.

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Dear Dijker,

thanksalot for that quick reply. Creating an app would be possible under “Developer”, right? At fist sight, most of it is self explaing. I´m impressed by the possibilities. Thanks for your quick advice!