Sound from homey to a googly speaker


I am trying to play a small mp3 file, when a door sensor gets triggered.

But i am not able to figures it out.

Any ideas?

Add your google home using the google chromecast app:

Add the device to homey and use the following action card of the device:

You could even host the mp3 file on your homey by using the following app:


I must be doing something wrong as i can’t upload anything.

See picture as it says 0 (zero).

Any idea?

Hmm im afraid i wouldnt know, i dont use that app myself

I downloaded filezilla, found the mp3 file on the computer and pressed upload on that file. Its was ok.

Tried to make a flow and cast a audio url, and the speakers only makes a “pling” sound, no music.

I copied the http address in the web server app and added. Santa.mp3


Any idea what im doing wrong?