Using Chromecast - Google Speakers - as Siren / Alarm

I want to use all of my Google devices including Citation One speakers as alarm devices.

I composed a mp3 with a high pitched alarm sound and uploaded it to Homey (using the web server app), to my AVM FritzBox NAS storage and onto a webpage.

When I generate a flow to cast the file to all of my devices, it takes quite long (app. 45 seconds), until all the speakers are working. The file size is 8 MB.

Do you have any suggestions how I could speed up the process? I am using the Webspace at the moment, which seems to work best. I have a very fast internet connection and a really good WIFI in my home, so that cannot be the problem.

Thanks for your thoughts!!!

I think a good start would be to try and compress that file. That 8Mb would be needed to send to the devices before it can be played and that takes time. Try a smaller file

please read:
(via google translate) how to set this up.
and use his siren_air_raid_synthesized.mp3 (826 kb)

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Or try my app and host it on Homey directly :smiley:

Thank you so much for your fast answers!!!

I got it working now, after compressing my mp3 file, tuning the volume up and using “All Speakers” with Google Home.

It is really scaring even me :wink: