Sort devices

Is possible to sort the devices in devices screen? In version 1.5 it was possible, but now don’t find the option to do this.

It is not, I asked Emile about this feature and was told that it was very low on their priorities. But that was with the 2.0.0 release, perhaps now 2.3 is on the horizon its risen. You can find out by either making a support ticket for ‘missing’ functionality. For support or issue resolution, first have a look at

Good luck, and make sure to keep us updated.

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After working on a new Phone app for almost a year, something like sorting devices should be standerd ofcourse.

if it was just the phone app, then yes maybe, but the phone app is only +/-10% of the work they have done behind the scenes.

then still it should be a standerd thing.

Of course it is a basic thing and very easy to implement. It should be from the first day

I cant say I disagree with the sentiments of this thread, including @Caseda.

I believe this is very much a case of, Athom being made aware of how important this is to what number of people. So that it cant effectively be placed at the right priority.

If you would like the ability to sort devices back, then best to make a ticket the more people who do so the more likely it will get on their list.


Did someone start a sort-devices-back list?

I just upgraded from 1.5.3 now to find out this basic thing not working anymore…

Is sorting still not possible?