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Sorry but the homey is garbage

I swapped from Vera on what I thought was good advice but it just doesnt work. I never had issues like this with Vera. Devices statuses are incorrect, logic is reversed, support of devices is limited, no camera support. Someone is fudging reviews because review scores are almost perfect everywhere and it bearly works.

Please provede some better examples.
What device statuses are incorrect?
What logic is reverced?

I can agree that there is some limited support, but that gets better every day.

Statuses are not updated when fibaro switches are controlled manually, aeotec garage door controller status is reversed, aeotec switch support is sometimes correct. Heaps of switches are not supported. V2 is supposed to fix everything but it has been the fix all for the last 18 months. I don’t understand why people blindly jump to the defense of something we all know doesn’t work

And…sensors stay tripped and apps go to sleep/crash constantly. I have a complex web of work arounds in place


…orphaned devices that you just can’t get rid of, no backups, an app that has a 10 zone limit and shows a different number of devices everytime it loads

I think u made ur point. It’s a shame it’s not working out for u like it should.
Is there anything else we can help u with?
Otherwise am gonna close this topic. Plz let us know.

No, go ahead, I needed to vent before putting it on ebay