Sonos App and Google Assistant Language


I would like my Sonos to pronounce properly sentences in French when using the Cards “Say … at volume …” of the Sonos App. But it’s using an English accent.

I have both Sonos Ones with Google Assistant and various Google Assistants recognized as ChromeCast devices.

To let a Google Assistant speak in French, I am using the Card “Say Text on Cast device in French at volume …, slow … speech speed,” of the “Cast a text to Google” App. It works perfectly

But as the Sonos Ones are not recognized as ChromeCast devices, I have to use the Card “Say … at volume …” of the Sonos App. And although the Google Assistant of my Sonos is well configured to talk (answer) in French, it pronounces sentences from Homey in English.

Anyone would have a trick to change the pronounciation ??

Ths in adv !

Yes, use the Google Services app to generate URLs with speech and cast it to Sonos.

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Indeed, that will exactly do the trick. Many thx !

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