Sonoff minir4m - does it work?

Hello I will like to buy this device matter.
Did somebody try it on homey pro?? Does it work? It have limitation??

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Someone has to be the 1st, Johnny :facepunch::ok_hand:
It should work, while it’s a basic OnOff device, like sockets are

Ok… I bought 1 to try… crossfingers… :crossed_fingers:


Yeah, that’s the spirit!

They dont work!!! :frowning:
Homey pro doesnt add them.
I install it with ewelink app… google home and alexa linked them.


How are they linked to Google Home and Alexa? Either you have a hub for that, or they (also) use WiFi instead of just Matter. If they use a hub, you might be able to connect to the hub with Homey’s Matter support, and control the device that way.

I used ewelink app to connect them. Google home and alexa are linked to ewelink app.
I dont use hub, they are wifi.

When i try to use homey pro it try to connect but after 2-3 minute it say that it cant connect.

Well, you use devices to be able to talk to Google and Alexa, so those will be hubs. If those hubs don’t provide a Thread Border Router, you won’t be able to make it work with Homey at the moment.

See this page for more info.

Since SONOFF MINIR4M runs Matter over WiFi and not over Matter over Thread then a Thread Border Router is not necessery.

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Do you have a Homey Pro 2023?
If so, then you should skip the eWeLink and add the SONOFF MINIR4M as a Matter device,

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Yes i have homey pro 2023.
I tryed to use first homey pro (adding matter device) to connect them but it doesnt work… after 2-3 minutes i got “device not found”.

I tryed to add them even directly with google home, but i got error even with this… the only way was ewelink app

Yesterday i didnt have a lot of time to try… today i will retry…

Have you successfully joined the device to any other Matter controller, then you must get your Matter setup QR from that first Matter controller.

I had to reset device 4-5 but I done it!!! It works only on 2.4 wifi.

So now your MINIR4M i connected to your Homey Pro 2023 via Matter over WiFI?

YESSSS!.. I bought 4 minir4m. For all of them I had to try 4-5 times, but at the end they worked!!!

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How did you do it? I have now 4 here but none of them I can connect to Homey Pro

Are you adding them with matter??
I had to try 4-5 times but in the end they were recognized. But with matter does the installation start and doesnt finish or homey doesnt find them?

No I only tried to add them in homey pro, homey pro couldn’t find them. I will try tomorrow again then some times hope that homey pro will find them

Yes you have to do it directly in homey pro.

Yes, I also did it directly in homey pro from iPhone app (matter device). It works just fine.