Somfy Tahoma suddenly returns "bad credentials"

As of today (28-7-2019), I suddenly get a login failure in the Somfy Tahoma app stating “bad credentials”. Currently I am not able to control my awnings using Homey.
Of course I checked my credentials, but they have not changed and are accepted in my Tahoma/Connexxoon app directly. Also, operating my awnings from the Connexxoon app directly works fine, so there seems to be some interaction issue between Homey and Somfy.
Has anyone else suffered a simmilar issue? and if so, any suggestions?

Just to be sure, I have opened an issue for this ( but I am wondering if there are more people with this experience.

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Same problem here with the credentials. I can operate my sunscreen only in the tahoma app from Somfy

Same for me with my connexoon! Bad “credentials error” with the Tahoma app…

Interesting… I run the Homey app on Android and I noticed in the google play store thath there was an update for Homey available. Somehow it was not (yet) pushed to my phone. I updated homey, tried connecting to Somfy again and it worked. Not sure if the update had anything to do with it or if something was fixed in the background, but I am back online.

Still no clue on what caused this issue though…

Will be looking for this. At this moment ios has no update.

I had the same this morning. I’ve logged in on the website of Somfy with my credentials to check my password. After that I logged in again in the Somfy app on my Homey and it’s working again.

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Thanks @Raymond :grinning:
Logged out from the Connexoon App (iOs), then from the Tahoma App (Homey), re-logged to the Connexoon App, and to the Tahoma App, solved the problem…

Top, works!

Not working for me sadly enough.

Changed my password on the Somfy website.
Logged out Somfy app on phone
Logged out Somfy app on Homey
Even rebooted the app and Homey.
Still getting bad credentials when I try to login.

Are there issues at Somfy or something?

I did the same and it does not work either. yesterday everything went without problems.

Just tried again and login was succesfull.
Looks like Somfy had some issues.

No go here… since about a day no connection anymore. Only found out this morning since I am on holiday.
Logged out of tahoma app on both Android phone and Homey and logged back in in Tahoma app without a problem, but not able to relogin in Somfy tahoma app => bad credentials. Tried rebooting Homey, restarting Tahoma app but looks like still no go for me…

Now I need to create a crash tahoma schedule so my windows coverings will open and close every day…

Edit: after trying it for another couple of times it was now succesfully to login again and almost immediately I get a new reading from my sunis io lightsensor. Hope it stays logged in now…

App stopped working yesterday. Unable to login anymore. Somfy’s own app / website is working flawless. So contrary to the reported and closed issue on github I still experience problems. App has worked for 2 years without any problem.

FIXED: firmware updated to v2.5. Login to the Tahoma app is now successful again.

This issue seems to show some boomerang characteristics…It’s back again all by itself!
I did notice that last night homey was updated to 2.5.2. Last time, the issue occurred after the 2.5 update. Possibly some relation between Tahoma app crashing and Homey firmware updates?

Well, I’ll be loggin in/loggin out/resetting apps and stuff again until something fixes this… again…

I am still on 2.4.0 and no problems here. Only strange thing lately was a notification from ifttt that they couldn’t acces Somfy.

Same problem here again since sometime yesterday evening… Here we go again…

After inputting my credentials a zillion times, they suddenly were accepted again. It works again, but no clue to what causes the issue. Could return any moment…

Haha, I have same problem now. I hope someone will look into it.

This morning again. This time the solution was trying to log in repeatedly for 20+ times in a row, until the credentials were suddenly accepted…

I have the same issue here, it occured yesterday. It suddently says “Failed to log in. Bad credentials”-