Probleem with credentials for Somfy Tahoma box

Hi guys,

I notice this morning that my Somfy screens don’t react on Homey anymore.
When I look at settings it says: ‘bad credentials’
But i tried manual also and it didn’t connect.
I can reach my Tahoma box without any problem.
Already tried restart of Tahoma box and Homey also tried PtP.
Nothing works.

Just use the searchfunction

Actually, this is a good development. Until now We had (as fas as I understood) issues of people using the Tahoma app together with Connexoon. Thus, the app maker was hesitant to pick up on the issue since he could not test with a Connexoon. But now we seem to have a genuine Tahome user reporting the same issue, which might move things forward… I would suggest positing an issue on GitHub (

+1 Tahoma box user

It sure is, as long as we keep the posts a bit organized in one place. So please continue this in the correct topic.