Hi there


I am trying to link my homey to Somfy Connexoon to raise and lower a blind.

I have installed the Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon application but I’m not sure how to configure the suite.

It only talks about TaHoma settings (see picture)

If I try to add a device, I get the following error message: unable to login. Please go to the settings screen and provide access to TaHoma for Homey

What is the procedure now?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Bastien Stegmann

You need to enter your Somfy account details in there, they are the same as you enter into your Connexoon box.
I will update the text in the next version to make it a bit clearer that the settings are for both boxes.

Hi Adrian,
Thanks for the fast reply. I entered the information and as I see, it worked.

Now the other problem is when I try to add the blinds for exemple, it doesn’t find the device (see photo).

Do you know if there is a mode to make the device recognizable?

Maybe should I check with Somfy directly ?


Can you open the Configure App screen, select Information log tab, tick the Log Enable tick box. Then go to the Device Log tab, tap on Get Log and then once the list is populated tap on the Send log button.
This will show me the type of devices connected to your box and I can add support for any that are not recognised.
If the list stays empty then go back to the Information log tab and tap on Send Log there.

I just noticed your last message was 3 days ago, so my apologies for the long delay but I have only just seen it.