Somfy Tahoma Connexoon API usage warning

Received a threatening mail from Somfy this evening about using “a third party solution” (I understand this is probably the Somfy Tahoma and Connexoon by Adrian Rockall).

Reason is:
We are contacting you today to update the way your script or your application behaves with our API as it is overconsuming our backend resources for your own installation. To do so, please contact the provider of your solution or update your code by October 31st.

Anyone else received this mail?

Wtf! Why would Somfy need to know and send a signal to their servers if a Homey flow checks if my sun screens are up or down (before opening or closing)? Or is this my misunderstanding?

And yeah another topic started.

For the dutch who cant read englisch , its stil in englisch but ok…

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I just got it too!

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