Somfy Mornin curtain rail motor

Does anyone know if this device is compatible with Homey?
Somfy Mornin

I can’t find anything about it.

Maybe someone has experience with this device

Greetz Daan

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Following! Nobody tried yet?

Also following. I would like to see compatibility with homey

I was having the same question…Since Homey is BT compatible, I assume Somfy Mornin Plus will be working together with Homey. But who can confirm?

Has anyone tried it yet? I’m really curious …

As it is Bluetooth there won’t be an app for it yet. That’s not to say it can’t be made but it will need someone to decode the signals and create an app to send them.
So basically it will need someone that has the motors and the skills to do it.

There is something similar, the SwitchBot Curtain. According to its description it can be connected via IFTTT.
But I don’t know anybody who owns the SB Curtain or has tried it before.
The SB Button Presser has already been tested by someone in the community and works fine.

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I hope the switchbot curtains Will be working with homey

Iedereen 2 of them

Nobody tested yet?

I’m also interested in the switchbot or mornin+
But only if it works with homey.

I ordered 2 of them hope supports with Homey

Nope it doesn’t

Hope someone can make an app for one of the 2

I have 4 Switchbot Curtains. They work via IFTTT, so you can integrate them in Homey.

An app in Homey would be a more elegant solution ofcourse

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How did you do that and what functions do you have then ?

Do you need the switchbot hub ?

Yes, you’ll need the hub for this. If you have the hub, you can control the curtains and the switchbot button presser via Homey and IFTTT:

  • let a switchbot (the button presser) press
  • open and close the curtains
  • set the curtains to 10%, 20%, 30% etc.

I believe that’s basically it, but that’s enough for me. You can also control them via Google & Alexa if you like.

If you have the hub, download the Switchbot app on your phone, and connect all the devices to the app. Then you can click on the cogwheel, click on ‘Cloud Service’, turn it on and select to method you want to use. Log in and you are set.

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Any improvement with directly support of switchbot in homey?

you can add them using the smartthings app from the community store.

You first have to create or have a smartthing accounts from samsung, then add your switchbot account to your smartthings account.
When you done that you see all your curtains in your smartthing app and can control them using the smartthing app.

Now install the smartthing app onto your Homey and start adding smarrthing devices. Choose from the smartthing devices list your curtains you wish to add into Homey and you are ready to go.

So you can add switchbot in Homey using:

  • IFTTT (con: max 3 applets in free ifttt version + no position status of the curtain motor + no direct connection)
  • community app smartthings (con: community app + no direct connection + no IF flow cards yet + still under development. pro: no device limits + motor position is available)

I got it working with ifttt and made a flow with “when sun goes down, close the curtains”
One problem… I need a waiting time or something becasue “sun down” is not dark enough to close the curtains jet.
Any idea’s ?