Somfy curtain rails not shown in google home

I have Somfy RTS based curtain rails. I have also connected them to homey using the app from Athom. I have connected my homey to google home. However, the curtain rails dont show up in Google Home.

Is it a known limitation and are there any plans to fix it?

Second issue is that I have four curtains named following:

  1. Curtains Road Side
  2. Curtains Water Side
  3. Vitrages Road Side
  4. Vitrages Water Side

If I ask using voice to close the curtains only 1 and 2 works using “ask homey to open/close curtains in the living room”. I cannot seem to get 3 and 4 to do anything with voice only using the app it works only if i explicitly specify “ask homey to open/close curtains vitrages road/water side”.

All of the devices have type Curtains in the device settings. I would like to be able to group those two together as well like for the curtains 1 & 2.

Curtains are currently not supported as stated on Homey’s support pages.

Supported devices

Google Home has limited support for certain devices. The following devices currently work with Homey + Google Assistant.

  • Sockets, Switches and other On/Off devices
  • Lights
  • Thermostats

As for the not working on voice, see the device’s settings, it should have a “what’s the type” setting, where you can select “Curtains”.

Do a little search and you’ll find the post i did on how i use my Somfy with google home.

Edit; oke, i think it was in dutch.

If you make a virtual device it shows in google home.
Connect a Flow to it and make it open and close your somfy.

Thanks for that. I also just saw that when I tried disconnecting and reconnecting homey to google home. The first time i did that i did not read a lot, as I was very excited about it. Have been waiting for it for years now.

@Michael should i then just use a on off device ?

You should choose the switch, not the button (i don’t have the exact translation)