Somfy « kit de connectivité » (new device)

Hi there,

I just bought the new Somfy « kit de connectivité » That is a kind of Somfy Connexioon or Tahoma switch and the price is very interesting : 69€

Does anybody had any experience with this new device ?

I receive and manage to connect IO velux with the somfy tahoma app or in homekit app but impossible to use the homey somfy app

does the Somfy App support this device?

Thanx in advance for your help!!!

I haven’t seen that one before so no experience with it.

Is that the Tahoma & Connexoon app or the RTS app?
Do you a Homey (cloud) or a Homey Pro?

It works with the tahoma by somfy app on iOS store.

And I try the tahoma & somfy rts app with homey pro

Thanks for your answer !

The RTS app won’t work for you as you have IO devices and they are not compatible. IO is a licenced technology that has good encryption so Homey can’t talk directly to IO devices.
The Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon app (Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon | Homey) is your best hope.
There is a topic here [APP][Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v2.1.71, test v3.0.10) that might help get it working but if you have any problems with it then let me know the details and I will do my best to help.

I tried the Somfy-TaHoma-&-Connexoon app and manage to authorize Homey, by filling out the TaHoma / Connexoon login credentials.

But I can’t add velux shutter io.

OK, being able to log in is a good sign.
Can you select the Device Log tab that you show in the image above, then tap on Get Log and once the list is populated, tap on Send Log. Then let me know the name of the shutter that you see in the Somfy Tahoma app.
It’s possible that it is a device type that I haven’t seen yet so I can add it to the app.

I have juste send the log from the app

And this the type of the io device

The shutter name in the tahoma app is : « Velux cellier »

I have received the log and I can see the shutters are not supported by the current version. I will add them to the app over the weekend and publish a new test version.

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I have published a new test version with support for your window, blind and light.

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I just download the test version and it works perfectly.

Thanks Adrian, you’re so great !

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In HomeKit app, the roller shutter are visibles but not the roof window

The roof window is now visible in HomeKit app


The application has not been able to synchronize since this morning.

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Thanks, I will try again in a few hours

Hi Adrian. I have the same device as Frederic. The Connectivity Kit from Somfy. It is pretty new. I can also not connect my Velux awning blinds to the homey Somfy/Tahoma app. Log in does work in the app, but the recognition of devices does not work. Can you help? I have sent you a log already via the Homey Somfy/Tahoma app. Thank you so much for your constant effort and support. Cheers

Yes, all looks OK so I will add them in this evening.

Thanks Adrian. Your are great. I have downloaded the experimental app. Will it work with that one too, or shal I use the old one?

The support for your blinds will be in the next test version.