Somfy Connection kit

When trying to connect homey with Somfy Connection Kit I get an 401 error after entering my credentials.

I don’t have any homey device. I am using the cloud version homey beta.

I am still new to this, so I might mix up terms. Sorry.

With Somfy Connection Kit I only control a sunshield.

This is a known problem at the moment and I’m not sure if it will be resolved. I’m hoping that Somfy will look into it, but as it’s an unsupported API I don’t know if they will.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Previously I was working with another automation app available on Android. With this I was able to connect to Somfy. I have no clue what API they are using and what relationship they might have with Somfy, but it worked.

I switched now to homey, cause I like the UI much more and it seems to me to be more flexible.

So I am bit sad that besides of somfy I also have issues to integrate hue (see my other post). At the end the integration is the main aspect to use software like homey.

Lets see and wait. Currently I am patient as I just have started with homey :wink:

I appreciate the disappointment and hope Somfy can do something.
The current issue seems to mainly affect Homey (cloud) user and my feeling is it’s caused by Athom using a small number of IP addresses, so there are many cloud users all connecting from the same ones. I think that triggers an alarm on the Somfy servers as being some sort of attack, so they block the IP’s.
But this is pure speculation so I could be completely wrong.
Also there are rumours that Somfy are stopping connections for certain devices via the login that the app uses.
The person at Somfy that normally helps me is on holiday until the end of august so hopefully he will give some answers when he gets back, but that is not guaranteed.

Again thanks for the quick reply.

As I understand this issue happens only for cloud users. Does this mean if I use a homey device (either bridge or pro) the Somfy Connection will work?

I also have some duux devices. I saw that the duux integration is only possible with homey pro.

What is the strategy in the near future? Will all integrations eventually be available for the cloud version? If so, is there any roadmap?

Homey Pro only as the bridge is just an extension to Homey cloud. If you have a Pro then you will connect to the Somfy server via your own IP address, plus the new version of the app can use the official local API if you have a Tahoma hub.

Homey, even with the bridge doesn’t have any local network access, so there will always be some apps that are Pro only. Also, as a lot of apps are made by community developers, they will not want to pay for a Homey developer account that is required to publish apps for Homey.

Hi Adrian,

meanwhile I bought homey pro.

Regarding somfy integration i do get further as before. No 401 error, but still I get nothing connected. I tried several devices, but for each I get the response no device found.

What I have is following:

  1. Somfy Connection Kit (Somfy Connectivity Kit) - it seems there is no device available to connect this kit in the homey app.

  2. I have a somfy remote control. For this I see a device in the list if the Somfy app. But I can’t get this connected either. I do have a prog button on the rear side of the control, but nothing changes when I click this. The device is labelled “Situo 1 Io Pure II”

  3. The engine for the sun shield has no clear name. It is specified as electric motor from Somfy with IO wireless technology / controllable via remote controller

That’s all I got. Hope you can help me :+1:
Thanks in advance.

I did sent the log file via homey app to you

OK, your "Sonnenschutz Terrasse " can be added using the “Awning / Pergola (io)” device. That is the only one showing in the log.

Cool. Works. Thanks Adrian :grin:

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@Adrian_Rockall is this device supported ?

I installed the app (live and test version) and I can’t see my sunscreens.

If you have a Pro, could you send me the Device log from the Configure App screen.

If one of your blinds is called “Schuifpui links” then select the “Velux interior blind (io)” to add them.

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Great it works!! Thanks!!

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