Somebody intrested in updating TP-Link Smart Home?


Is there somebody intrested in updating TP-Link Smart Home? I prefer this one above the TP-Link Kasa Smart from Athom. This because from Athom it is cloud based. This way things like the current is only updated every 1 minute. That is to slow.

The TP-Link Smart home from the developer Anne Baretta is LAN based and update things like current every 5 seconds and that works great for me and i think more users.

Now i want to go to homey pro 2023, but it needs to be updated to SDKv3. I contacted the previous developer, but she stops continue updating the app and is gone away completly from homey.

Is there a developer that would like to take over? DM her at TP-Link Smart Home Github

I hope somebody likes to take the chalange. Iā€™m not a developer and so not know with it.

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Hi, just in case - [APP][Pro] TP-Link Smart Devices - central topic