TP-Link changes firmware for HS100 and HS110: forced to use the app

I read (in Dutch) here and on (in English) Twitter that TP-link shuts down custom apps through port 9999 and forces users to use the Kasa app. Does this have consequences for Homey?

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Yes, see this issue (tplink-smarthome-api is used by the TP-Link Homey app).

Although it looks like TP-Link may be able to remotely downgrade the firmware back to a state that allows local access again.

It also looks like Home Assistant will be able to support local access even after firmware updates.

Ah, it was already going on. I am still on the 1.0.4 firmware.
Now news about Homey or the ability to update firmware without that Kasa app?
Which url do I need to block to avoid the firmware update?

I would suggest blocking the entire device from accessing the internet.

It seems that these urls need to be blocked. But probably shutting it down from internet is better.

I have two HS100,

  1. one has HW version 1.0 and FW version 1.2.5

  2. the second has HW version 2.0 and FW Version 1.5.6

Both still work fine with Homey

It seems that only the UK had the firmware update. It could come our way though. See this post on which firmware works or not.

For me it is still unclear if the plugs can be updated without having the Kasa app. But I blocked both urls in my Adblocker to be sure.

I see in the Kasa App that the one with HW version 1.0 and FW version 1.2.5 has an update (1.2.6) pending since september this year. So apparently it does not update automatically
The HW version 2.0 has no update pending…

I’m on 1.5.6 and 1.2.6 FW (HS100 and HS110) and no issues so far. Seems only devices in UK are affected.

But beware :

This is one of tp-link supervisors Candice to follow up your case. Thank you for let us know your concern. We could understand your frustration as the Home assistant has been working before, but I'm afraid Home assistant does not have the privilege to manage HS100/HS110 V4 plugs anymore. The new firmware fixed the security vulnerability that may be utilized for attacks on TP-Link plugs and certain resources currently are not open to unauthorized applications for security reason. We are sorry that Home assistants was affected by that but this a decision we have to made to protect smart plugs for our customers. Besides, tp-link has not advertised the Home Assistant integration on official websites, and we can not guarantee that feature will work properly.

In case you are impacted, downgrade could be requested :

I managed to fix this as well by writing to TP-Link. Write to with a screenshot of your Device Info from the App - I think it’s the MAC Address that is key.
Support was rather quick at writing back to me - within 2 days; however, I was told to wait a week+ (date was given) before the firmware will be “pushed” to me. Anyway, I waited until the assigned date, then I found that I had to remove the device from the App, then re-install the device again; now it’s showing V1.1.1 on my HS110. WORKS with Homey as it had before.