[SOLVED] MQTT Flows disabled by Homey because they execute too many times

So I have replaced my Siedle intercom with an old industrial phone.
It has a ESP8266 to communicate to Homey via MQTT.

It is all working fine except Homey keeps disabling my flows. This is strange because I don’t exceed the 10 times a second or 120 times a minute thresholds. The device reports about every minute.

I do have multiple flows listening to the same topic for a different message. Is it possible that Homey somehow sees this as multiple starts?

Anyone else experiencing similar behavior?

I am on 4.0.0-rc6 using both the (excellent) broker and client MQTT app written by Menno van Grinsven

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I think this was crappy programming on my side. Switched to homie-esp8266 (Github) and it seems to be resolved now.
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