Flow disabled because executed too many times and faulty power adapter

I have a couple of flows that should execute with a specified time interval. For instance every 15 minutes. They are NOT triggered from anywhere else and should therefore not ever be disabled due to executed too many times.

I can see in my logs from Simple log that sometimes the flow hasn’t been triggered as it should. I can also see that it has been executed several times in a couple of seconds. It’s like the scheduler tries to make up for lost executions and therefore executes the same flow as many times it has missed starting execution for.

3 days ago I could see that my Homey started to reboot randomly. 2 days ago I lost connection to my Homey and when I got back home the LED was red. When I pulled the plug and reconnected it the LED went to orange and started to make a crackling sound.

I knew that this meant that the power adapter had gone bad. I exchanged it to another and Homey started without any problem!

What does this has to do with disabling of flows… well, I noticed that connection to Homey from my Android was much more responsive. It has felt slow before.

Could it be that the original adapter from Athom cant supply enough power to Homey and therefore Homey is going into some kind of power saving mode and will not execute scheduled tasks.

Anyone else with the problem that Homey is disabling scheduled tasks? Try to change your power adapter to see if it helps :slight_smile:

Could it be that you have a ever increasing memory as shown here in insights? (system memory)

Just a different angle to the same problem, maybe the power plug is not your problem, or not your only problem.

Nope, unstable Homey, crackling sound etc is just a bad power supply. Bad luck from a bad batch of adapters. Email support about it…

It looks like there is a bug disabling flows to fast sometimes ( or triggering the fliiws to often imho)

Lately my Homey has executed flows in a loop for no reason. For example my Heimdall was set to disarmed multiple times at once when entering my house. I know this because Homey is announcing the state as it is changed. And it started to speak like ten times in a row/in a few seconds. So it might be two different issues you are seeing.

So, I was a little bit to fast to connect the flow issue with the power adapter.
No flow has been disabled but one did run 4 times in 2 seconds instead of 1 time.
The performance in the app are however outstanding compared with the old one, coincidence?

If it was only a software bug i assumed Athom would have found the issue by now, it has been around since the release of 2.0.

Loosing confidence in Homey, day by day now. Since 2.0 it’s more of a toy than a semi-professional automation tool.