Sockets that does not need to be on the same network as Homey

I want to control sockets at my cabin through Homey at home (without buying another Homey). The sockets I have at home are z-wave, so obviously they wont work at a diferent location without a hub.
From before I have panel-heaters from ADAX - they work through Homey via ADAX’s own interface - and this way I could also control them at my cabin. But are there sockets that also work this way. I am sure there is, but just need to find out which ones.
I was hoping my old IKEA Tradfri would work for me, but the Tradfri Hub has to be on the same network as Homey to work (it seems).

So, are there any WIFI enabled sockets that works through homey via a 3rd party so that they can be controlled even if they are on a different location/WIFI?

That should be possible with Tuya Smart mobile app and Homey Tuya Cloud app. Tuya is cloud based, so it is irrelevant where Homey sits.
When you already use Tuya wifi at home, I’m not sure this is possible, though.