Can Homey at my home control devices at remote location?

Hello people!

I have a Homey Pro at my house, and I wish to control some devices at my cabin. Obviously it is not on the same wifi network.
Is there any smart workaround for this without buying a second Homey?
From before I have an IKEA Tradfri Gateway that I used before I got my Homey connected with Philips Hue gateway. Can the Tradfri Gateway somehow be recognized by my Homey even if it is on a diferent network? If so, how?
If not, are there any other gateways/devices that will work this way? I mainly want to control remote switches to control water heater and heating panels. Lights would also be cool, but not that important.
I know I could just use the Traadfri by itself, but then I would miss out on alot of cool features, so that is the very last option.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Using a VPN network maybe? Then, in theory, you can use devices if they were local

  • A Homey bridge, it can exchange webhooks with Homey Pro via internet.
    (But the bridge is still not stable)

I would expect that all cloud based devices that can connect to homey should be Possible.
Homey is just sensing commands to the cloud. The cloud will control the devices.
So both hue (with the bridge) and tradfi gateway should be able to work

That is true, but when I add my cloud based components to my Homey, it seems, at least for my components, that they have to be on the same wifi-network to be added to Homey. This seems to be the case for IKEA Tradfri also. But I am sure there are other devices that will work for me. Anyone know about a brand?

Using a VPN is interesting, but I cant see how this would work exactly? If I somehow config the WIFI-router at my cabin to work with VPN from my house, Homey would still not detect the devices at my cabin when I try to add them?

Maybe this will get you giong:

Never tried it myself, so I cannot deny this.
Very curious how that would work.

Is homey checking if the cloud device is also on the same wifi?
Homey might be able to see the local IP and mac adress, but but not much more if its not connected.
Local IP is not much use can be the same in many different homes

Just curious :wink: