Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector (Z-Wave)

Are there any zwave devices compatible with homey that support Smoke and Carbon Monoxide?
I found this one on amazon: Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector (Z-Wave)

Regards Menno

Not at the same time, only in 2 seperate devices.
But you could if course write (or ask a developer) an app for that brand.

If you don’t mind having something else than z-wave then Nest Protect:

Both smoke an CO. There is an app for Homey, too. I have a couple of them.
Much more expensive that the unit in your link, thought.

Before you invest in a combined sensor please check the advice on positioning CO and smoke detectors (, plaatsingsadvies CO melders)

You will find out that the best position for smoke detectors is different from the best position of CO detectors. So combining these devices would result in one on the two systems not working optimal.
(Has something to do with smoke rising up (warm) and CO going down (heavier than air?) and systems that are a risk of producing CO typically could cause false smoke triggers:
Smoke sensors should not be placed close to you central heating system, while CO sensors should be placed close to it, etc

CO is not heavier then air. CO is a little bit light lighter then air. So a CO sensor should not placed on the floor.

In the manual there is some information about locations to use the combi.