Smartwares SH5-RDV-A don’t show up in devices

Dear users,

I want to connect mij Smartwares SH5-RDV-A radiator valve to my Homey V2. But as I go trough the installation steps all seems to go well but the device don’t show up in my Devices.

Anyone have a idea what’s going wrong?

Greetings Vissers

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Same problem here

Same problem here, I try to install the SH5-RPS-36A unit. After the installation steps, the device is gone and not show up in my devices (during the installation the unit responded when testing in the app).

Is there anyone who got it working?

Same problem here, homey sends an code, but doesnt save it as an device. After 3 times my sh5-Rdv storage was full.

Smartwares has released a update today that fiksed te isseu. Now i can install them in the bedrooms.

Admin, I think you can close this topic.

Problem here is also solved, works perfect now.