Smartwares magneetschakelaar draadloos SH5-TSM-A

I recently bought the Smartware SH5-TSM-A wireless contact. I can add it through the Smartwares App, but when I add it to a flow nothing happens. In the flow I want 2 HUE lamps (through HUE bridge) to go on-and-off, but when I ‘break’ contact nothing happens.

Can I somehow test if the Homey can ‘see’ if the contact is activated?

When you say ‘I add it to a flow’ - what exactly did you do? Can you add a screenshot of that flow to this post please?

I am now at work so cannot add a screenshot.
I just pull the ‘SH5-TSM-A’ to the column “When” (Als) and in the column “Then” (Dan) I add a Hue lamp and select the ‘blink long’.

Have you tested the flow and did it work then?
If yes, the contact might be too far away to reach Homey.

In the device section you can hover your mouse over the Smartware SH5. You should be able to see an icon that you can click on so the state of the contact is shown. Is this helpful to you?

@RonnO: I tested the flow and it works fine.
I have not yet installed the device on a door or window; I tried the contactswitch (by hand) within 2 meters of the Homey, so it can’t be the distance.

I will check the status of the device in the ‘device section’ when I’m home from work. Thanks for the tip.
To be continued.

What happens if you have Homey send a message to your phone? Also: How do you pull a device to the “when”-column, could you be more specific? What is the trigger you use?

I will try that this evening. Didn’t have time last evening

(even in het nederlands) Ik bedoelde dat ik de deursensor uit de linkerkolom naar de kolom ‘als…’ gesleept had. De ‘trigger’ is dan dus “het contactalarm gaat aan”.

For this device you should be ably to see whether it’s activated just by looking at it in the devices. Black:lines : not activated, blinking red : activated… So first make sure that works…

After buying the same device from another shop it works!!
The first bought devices was defective, I think.

Thank you for all your support.