Can't use device as trigger in flows

So I’m on Homey (Early 2016), version 2.0.5 and trying to make a new flow. I want this flow to be triggered by a device (a wall mounted light switch), but I can’t use any device for the If (Als…) part of the flow. When I press New (Nieuw kaartje), the only options visible are System (Systeem) items like Presence, Devices (this only brings me to alarms, sensors and missing devices) and stuff like that. Looking at screenshots from other people on the internet, there should be more categories, including my devices.
I’m on wifi and seemingly fully connected with homey (I can execute my flows without problems).
Any thoughts on what’s going on?

That’s an old version!
But maybe try a PTP and see if that helps?
Also maybe a screenshot can help us a bit trying to find out what went wrong.

Well, that did it, thank you very much. I turned off automatic updating after something broke after an update. Didn’t think of manually doing it until now.
All the other categories are visible now.
Have a good day!

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