Smart wall controller with display?

I would like to have some kind of wall panel, with some buttons and a display. I would like to be able to fully configure buttons and data to be shown on the display, ideally using Homey flow.

Example Homey flow I dream about: when I press button A on the controller, increase temperature on Eurotronic Spirit and display current target temperature on wall controller. After a minute display current temperature from Aquara temperature sensor.

Second example: when I press B button on controller, set light color to cold white and show “cold white” on wall display.

Third example: display current value of external thermometer sensor (or whatever else sensor) untill I press some button.

Is there a device I could use?

Ideally it should talk with Homey via z-wave or ZigBee, WiFi is also fine. RF no because of range issues.

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Search this forum for “dashboard”

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If you’re not looking for a plug and play device, you can build your own with arduino, Homeyduino display.


I created a alarm panel based on a M5Stack, which connects through MQTT. Via MQTT it is fully customizable.
You can also program the M5Stack with homeyduino i guess.


Gr. Remco

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M5Stack seems to be nice, I’ve never done low-level programming but well… looks like a good challange for me :slight_smile: