Smart Motion Sensor

Hi All
I am looking for a motion sensor which only triggers when i am crossing it.
In my current setup i have installed hue motion sensor right inside my bedroom. The problem is that this sensor triggers also if i walk by outside the room. I would only need some sort of horizontal laserline that triggers alarm when i cross it. Do you guys know some gadgets that works this way? Any help is appreciated :blush:
Cheers, Elijas

Sorry, only in German language:

Try to find other location for sensor. E.g. stick it above the door from inside of the room.

Thanks a lot for the link, looks very Interesting. I tried to change the sensor‘s position but it triggers too much movement inside the room in that case.

Is this unit supported by the homematic app? (Its not listed)

For a second time, I apologize. This sensor came to my mind spontaneously during I heard the problem, I did not look into the Homematic-App. I myself have no Homematic devices in use.

Maybe some modification to be made to sensor - build shades/walls around a sensor so it detects only movement within visible area? Didn’t try this one, but it should work…

Years ago, Fibaro promoted the idea of using 2 motion sensors to achieve a kind of passage control (of course without modifying the sensors). This could not be realized until today.
Would be great if someone would get it realized. :+1:t3: