Smart dimmer (inbouw)

Dear all,

I’ve got a Icasa inbouw dimmer for smart dimming my dinner table lights. They switch with flows and can also be switched manually by using the pulse switch on the wall.
What i’m trying to achieve is that the manual switch on the wall turns the lights on/off on a set dim percentage related to certain time brackets during the day.
Problem being is that Homey does not ‘sense’ the manual pulse button being pushed, so it cannot be used in flows.

At this moment I solved this problem by switching the lights on with a flow at certain times to adjust the dim percentage, and switching them off after that with another flow. As you can image this gives a quite complicated flow, since the lights should remain on when there is someone around.

Hopefully this properly describes the ‘problem’.

on a different note: what ‘smart inbouw dimmers’ would you guys advise? (probably over discussed in another topic;-))



Don’t know about your ‘problem’, but I would advise Dimmer2 of Fibaro or the new Qubino Minidimmer. I haven’t tested the latter, but seems to be a great dimmer with being very small and having no minimal W requirement to dim.

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Little late, but the Fibaro did the job. Thx for the advice!